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Hurom Slow Juicers

Slow Squeezing System - SSS

Hurom invented Squeezing SLOW SYSTEM, a new technology for spinning by cold pressing at low speed, resulting in a natural squeezing a juice with more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants than conventional centrifugal juicers.


The squeezing SLOW SYSTEM is patented innovative Hurom as a way of squeezing juice without friction and heating at high speeds without aeration juice as with centrifugal juicers but the press at low speed, thereby succeeding technology to maximize the amount of juice, preserving natural color and flavor of the juice, basically get a healthier juice. Hurom juicers were created for those who wish to obtain a greater variety of juices, some can not be removed with traditional juicers.


WITH HUROM see the difference
huromWhy is that difference between tomato juice?
For Hurom juicers use a method of squeezing healthy cold pressed juice resulting in a consistent, natural and traditional juicers juicing method used by scraping and centrifugation at high speeds resulting in no consistent juice, oxidized aerated bubble bath. By using new techniques of spinning, can extract juice along with vegetables and fruits, and leaves, wheat grass, and roots. With HUROM extract 6 times more vitamins, and up to 2 times more juice than with traditional juicers.



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